Hotham Auto Corsa Alpine Tarmac Rally Postponed


Auto Corsa Group has been forced to postpone next month’s Hotham Auto Corsa Alpine Tarmac Rally, following advice from our sanctioning partner (insurer) that it cannot support the event in 2015.

On Wednesday 14 October 2015, we received a letter from the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA), stating that it cannot sanction (insure) the rally that was to be held from 14-15 November in North East Victoria’s alpine region.

Reasons cited by AASA in their letter to us included their current lack of status as an approved motoring organisation in Victoria, as defined by the Road Safety Act, and a lack of available oversight officials on that date.

Unfortunately, as we were only advised by AASA of their inability to insure the event just two days prior to the government Gazette deadline – in which event road closure and insurance information is required to be published – there was not enough time for us to confirm another insurer.

The Hotham Auto Corsa Alpine Tarmac Rally has been a topic of discussion with AASA since the beginning of 2015. In March 2015, following the signing of a written agreement with AASA and having secured the support of all relevant local authorities, we opened up entries for this exciting new event.

Needless to say having to postpone the event is a major disappointment for us, our customers, our partner in the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board our officials and the local community that has so feverishly supported this event.

We have contacted each of our competitors personally to advise them of the postponement, the majority of which are looking forward to hearing the new 2016 date. We also advised them that any entry fees paid would be rolled over or refunded.

As a new promoter in the tarmac rally space, we have made our intention very clear from the start – to bring to market new and exciting events that provide competitors with greater choice and to benefit the local communities that host and support them.

Be assured, we will continue to do so despite the challenges we face.

We sincerely thank our stakeholders for their ongoing enthusiasm and support and we look with positivity towards what will be an exciting 2016.

A further announcement regarding the new 2016 date for the Hotham Auto Corsa Alpine Tarmac Rally will be made in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

For more information please contact:

Stuart Benson, Director, Tel: 0412 868 979 or
Darren Fogarty, Director, Tel: 0439 315 759 or

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